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Charmed, shortly explained is the story of the three Halliwell sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe, discovering that they are the world's most powerful good witches, The Charmed Ones; each gifted with innate magical powers they must collectively use to defend the "innocents" of San Francisco from demons, warlocks and other evil beings. During their fight against the forces of evil, eldest sister Prue is killed, breaking the united Power of Three. However, the Charmed triple-destiny is restored with the introduction of a long-lost fourth sister, Paige Matthews, who is half-witch and half-whitelighter, because her mother had an affair with her whitelighter. During Seasons One to Four, the sisters' combined destiny was to vanquish the Source of All Evil, the ruler of the Underworld, and his demonic minions. Upon fulfilling their primary destiny, the Charmed Ones engaged in the Ultimate Battle; and ushered in the next generation of good witches. The Charmed Ones were also the guardians of the Nexus and in order to vanquish the demon Zankou they had to destroy the Nexus where Zankou had taken refuge. On top of their supernatural lives, the four sisters must also contend with serious issues in the real world (such as relationships, careers, marriage, childbirth, illness and death), as well as preventing the exposure of magic, the subject of several police investigations throughout the series.

The story of Charmed begins with the three Halliwell sisters coming together six months after the death of their grandmother, Penny Halliwell. Prue and Piper have already moved back in the Halliwell Manor in San Francisco. Unknown to Prue, the youngest sister, Phoebe was returning home from New York. She left to find their father. When Phoebe arrives, there is a lot tension in the house. Piper and Phoebe spend the night playing around with their old spirit board. The spirit board begins to work, and spells out ATTIC. Prue and Piper have not been able to get the attic door to open since they moved back. When the lights suddenly go out during the storm, Prue and Piper head for the fuse box, but Phoebe, stimulated by the family spirit board, goes to the attic discovers an ancient book bathed in an ethereal light — the Book of Shadows. Reading an incantation from it to herself out loud in the dim light, she unwittingly sets in motion events that fulfill an ancient prophecy. Strange and harrowing occurrences begin which eventually lead the sisters to realize that they are witches.

They discover that they not only possess supernatural powers, but also come from a long line of powerful witches. The first in the line, Melinda Warren, possessed the power to freeze time, move objects with her mind and see the future. Melinda was burned at the stake in the Salem Witch Trails. However, before she died, Melinda prophesied that each coming generation of Warren (later Halliwell) witches would grow stronger and stronger, culminating in the arrival of three sisters, the strongest good witches the world had ever seen; the three sisters would form The Power of Three, the most powerful magical force ever.

A central theme throughout the show's run is the sisters' struggle to balance their normal lives with their supernatural responsibilities. The burden of keeping their destinies a secret from the outside world repeatedly creates tensions in their friendships, workplaces, and romantic relationships. Only a few know their secret and help them on a regular basis. The most important is Leo Wyatt, a Whitelighter assigned by the Elders to guide and protect the sisters. Leo means a great deal to the sisters both professionally and personally: he heals their wounds, advises them collectively and individually, and mediates between them and the enigmatic Elders. He also becomes the love of Piper's life, her husband and the father of her children. Others who keep the Charmed Ones' secret over the years include police inspectors Andy Trudeau, he was the love of the eldest sister Prue. He was killed trying to protect them from a demon, even after being told that they could handle it. Darryll Morris was also another police inspector that constantly covers for the sisters and informs them about cases that supernatural. They are also constantly tormented by half-demon Cole Turner, he was introduced as a DA officer. Cole was a demon send to gain the trust of the sisters, and kill them. He discovers that Phoebe may be his quickest way to make them trust him. Along the journey of trying, he falls deeply in love with Phoebe. He then must decide to go along with killing them or giving up his demon ways. The mysterious time-traveler Chris Perry, later found out to be Chris Halliwell, Piper's son from the future. He came back to stop his older brother, Wyatt from turning evil. Also, Christy and Billie Jenkins are two sisters that find the sisters. Billie is the first to find them, after she was assigned as Paige's charge. Billie begins to take witchcraft lessons from the sisters and Leo. She becomes very close to the sisters. She reveals that the main reason that she wants to master her witchcraft, is to find her sister, Christy. Billie evenually finds her sister. She quickly rebuilds their sisterly bond, to later find out that Chisty is more than she appears to be. Paige's husband, Henry Mitchell is a Parole Officer that had a parolee that turns out to be a charge of Paige. Last but not least, the many other creatures in the magical community. The sisters help them and they return the favor every chance that they get.

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Prue Halliwell
Piper Halliwell
Phoebe Halliwell
Paige Matthews (Halliwell)
Born October 28, 1970, Prue is the eldest sister. Born with telekinesis, she later manifests the astral projection ability. Prue handled her power of telekinesis so well that she was often referred to as a super-witch. Strong-willed, feisty and intelligent, she would often take charge of situations and has always been overprotective of her two sisters, Piper and Phoebe. Having spent her childhood taking care of her two younger sisters after the death of their mother, she became responsible, with a fierce determination at whatever she did, including fighting demons. This sense of responsibility occasionally leads to clashes with the more free-willed Phoebe, but the two grow closer as the series progresses. Though at times Halliwell lets pride dictate her way of handling things, she never lets her personal life interfere with her work life. On May 17, 2001, three years new to the craft she is killed by Shax, a demonic assassin sent by the Source of All Evil. While in the episode "Death Takes a Halliwell" the Angel of Death foreshadowed Prue's death, "All Hell Breaks Loose" remained as a cliffhanger. Prue's death is only established in the premiere episode of the Fourth Season, "Charmed Again". Doherty never appeared as Prue again, except in the fifth season episode "Cat House", during the "flashbacks" that the girls visit, though only her back is shown. Even in the after life Prue still helps her sisters, it has been suggested that she sometimes turns the pages of the Book of Shadows, and in the season seven finale Prue lends her astral projection power to the sisters.[12] This is indicated by Piper saying "Thank you, Prue," after the spell's effect is over.Also in the later seasons her telekinetic 'jingle' can be heard when the front door of the manor closes by itself,like how Prue would close the door before her demise. Born on August 7,1973 and is the middle child. Upon Prue's death, she assumes the role as the oldest. Her powers include the ability to freeze ,blow up objects at will, and projected objects. (Molecular Acceleration/Deceleration). She is most concerned with having a normal life, and always has reservations about her life as a Charmed One. When she becomes a Charmed One, she is quiet and reserved, often having to mediate between Prue and Phoebe. As the show progresses, she gains a stronger persona and takes more authority after Prue dies. She eventually becomes the mother of two sons and a daughter, Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda, with her husband Leo Wyatt, and goes to great lengths to protect her children. In the series finale, the final montage shows her with a granddaughter.[13] Her love of food steers her to a career in the culinary, which leads her to open her own club, and as revealed in the last episode, her own restaurant. Phoebe, born November 2, 1975 is the baby of the family and is a spontaneous, free-spirited young woman. She was born as a witch with the power of premonition, which enabled her to see into the past as well as the future. This later allows her to project herself into the future and the past. She later gains the powers of levitation, which she often combines with her martial arts skills, and the power of empathy but later loses the latter two due to misusing them for personal gain. She is a romantic, and later becomes a successful columnist and author. Early on, she often had a turbulent relationship with her older sister, Prue; later she mediates between Piper and Paige. Her longest relationships are with Cole Turner for over 2 years and had a son with him but The Seer steals him (to her own demise), and with Coop. In 2006, the Angel of Destiny marries Halliwell and Coop, as seen in the series finale, and they eventually have three daughters. She continues to work at the Bay Mirror and writes a book on finding love. When the property was green lighted to go to series, actress Rom was unavailable. Producer Aaron Spelling called Milano, fresh off her short-term guest appearance on Melrose Place to fill the role. Major portions of the first episode were re-shot, some scenes rewritten and new scenes added to create a full one-hour debut episode titled "Something Wicca This Way Comes". Halliwell has been called by some demons (like the Source) that she was the weakest Charmed One because of her powers, mostly passive, being the weakest out of the four. Born on August 2, 1977. After a secret love affair with her Whitelighter Samuel Wilder, the Charmed Ones' mother, Patty Halliwell, gave birth to a fourth daughter. In fear of their daughter's safety, Paige was orbed to a church and entrusted to the arms of a nun named Sister Agnes, who was told she'd be in grave danger otherwise. Sister Agnes later in "Charmed Again (Part 2)" described Paige— to the troubled Paige further investigating her origin while being manipulated by the Source of All Evil— as having come from angels because she had witnessed the parents appear in an orb of lights. As a baby, she was adopted by the Matthews family, and grew up as an only child unaware of her magical roots. While in school, Paige often got into trouble. Her parents died in a car accident, Paige was in the car but she orbed, saving herself but not her parents, she found out that she orbed the Season 4 episode "A Paige from the Past"). Her personality is bold and vibrant, adding a new dynamic to the show from Season 4 onwards. Matthews's power as a witch and Charmed One is the power of telekinesis, just like her older sister, Prue. However, Paige's telekinesis works differently to Prue's. Firstly, Matthews cannot simply wave her hand at an object and expect it to move; she must "call" for the object. Secondly, the object simply does not move alone. Whenever Paige "calls" for an object to move, it is surrounded by orbs and moves where she wants it. Matthews can also use this power to orb objects to other locations. She comes into the craft quickly, aiding in the vanquish of The Source of All Evil. In Season 8, she gains the ability to heal those she loves, starting with Henry. She is driven to become a "full-time witch", and has a hard time finding a career she is content with, eventually settling with her destiny as a Whitelighter, like her father. After the death of Gideon, Matthews begs the Elders to keep the Magic School open. They agree only if Matthews becomes the headmistress and runs the school to guarantee the students' safety. Eventually, she resigns; handing the role onto her brother-in-law Leo Wyatt. Matthews marries mortal parole officer Henry Mitchell and they have twin daughters and a son, Henry Jr.
  • Leo Wyatt – (Brian Krause) (Recurring Season 1, First Half Season 2 and Second Half Season 8 ; Seasons 1–8)
Wyatt is the sisters' Whitelighter in the beginning, and soon becomes romantically involved with Piper. Leo's magical promotions provide the show's portrayal of a supernatural ladder of success and struggle between career and family. His relationship with Piper is the first of many conflicts between the Halliwells and the Elders. Trudeau is the sisters' childhood friend and Prue's love interest for years. In the episode "that 70s episode" a young Piper uses her powers to freeze a young Trudeau. He serves as the sisters' initial connection to the police force once he learns of the girls' activities, as well as the first conflict between the girls' secret and normal lives. The demon Rodriguez kills Trudeau while he is trying to protect the girls in the finale of season one. Two years later, in the finale of season 3, Prue is killed by the demon Shax, and is assumingly reunited with Andy. The character of Andy Trudeau was originally played by actor Chris Boyd.[14] Morris, who is Trudeau's partner, takes over the role as the Halliwells' police connection after Trudeau's tragic death. He continues to cover up for the sisters once he learns their secret, even after the events which lead to him almost being executed through a lethal injection, if reluctantly, until his wife later forces him to move to the east coast. After almost being executed, he expresses his desired uninvolvement with the sisters angrily and refuses to talk to them, answer calls or help them get police files. However, he finds out the Charmed Ones were willing to give up their powers to save him and realizing how much good the sisters do for the community, Morris forgives them and he still considers them family. Dan moves into the house next door with his niece, Jenny, and instantly falls in love with Piper. They temporarily date, but Dan cannot take the place of Piper's first love, Leo. He later moves away, at the end of season two.
  • Jenny Gordon – (Karis Paige Bryant) (Season 2)
Jenny is Dan's niece. Jenny disappeared at the episode 9, Ms. Hellfire, where Dan said that Jenny returned to her parents. Turner is Phoebe's first husband; he is a half-demon, creating situations over which the sisters clash. He is originally a powerful villain, later taking other forms and roles throughout his character's history. After his final vanquish at the hands of the sisters, he continues to watch over Phoebe, silently and unseen. Piper and Leo's unborn son, Chris Halliwell, commonly known as Chris Perry for the year and a half of his time with the sisters, came from the future to help defeat the Titans and save young Wyatt from turning evil. His adult form dies at the hands of Gideon just before he is born. He later reappears twice, once in Someone to Witch Over Me and again in the series finale. Phoebe finds out Chris is actually Leo and Piper's younger son in The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell. Billie is Paige's charge. While at first over-confident in her abilities, she eventually becomes a student of the sisters, helping them to maintain their normal lives. After being swayed by her sister Christy to betray the Halliwells, Billie eventually sides with them in the series finale and is forced to kill her sister in self-defense.  
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