The Sisters


Prudence "Prue" Halliwell was born on October 28, 1970, in San Francisco, California. She is the firstborn daughter of Patty Halliwell, a witch, and Victor Bennett, a mortal. As a witch, Prue developed the magical powers. Her telekinesis was originally focused by squinting her eyes; later, she learned to channel the ability with her hands. Like her sisters, her powers were linked to her emotions. In Prue's case, the trigger was anger. Prue's telekinetic powers depended on a direct line of sight, or at least an intimate knowledge of the object's location in order to be manipulated. She could not telekinetically move an object if she didn't at least have an idea of where it was. In any case, she had to be in the object's immediate vicinity. As her powers developed, she later acquired the skill of Astral Projection, the ability to project her soul from her body in a tangible state on the physical plane. In this state, the original Prue becomes unconscious while her soul projects or enters into a concrete body. This power is triggered when she wants to be in two different places at once. Prue's astral self is identical with herself except that she doesn't have the original Prue's telekinetic power. Prue's astral self is normally tangible, she can apparently become intangible in this state if she wished Prue is the eldest of the four sisters, she was known as the most powerful and fearless, and occasionally named a "super witch". In high school, Prue was a very popular A-list student, president of the Student Council and a cheerleader. At some point, she also became rebellious, but it did not stop her from learning how to be responsible adult and protective of her family. Being the eldest sister, she saw herself as the head of the household; she was conservative, cautious and disliked surprises. Prue had trouble with the right balance of work and play during her entire life as a Charmed One. She spent a lot of time and energy becoming a more powerful witch, referred to sometimes as the "superwitch" and "Wicca Wonder" of the family. She was murdered by the demon "Shax" while trying to save an innocent. She survived the first time, but when time was reset, Leo did not get to her in time to heal her and she died. Even after her death, Prue continues to be the "Superwitch" against whom Paige especially feels that she must compete, and Piper feels she must live up to. She still helps her sisters from the afterlife. This is shown when she flips the pages of the Book of Shadows to aid her sister in finding infomation, and temporarily gave her sisters her power astal projection while battling the demon "Zankou". Overall, Prue is greatly missed by both her sisters and fans.


Piper was born August 7, 1973, secondborn daughter to Patricia Halliwell and Victor Bennett. Growing up, Piper is the middle sister—meek, shy and very much the arbitrator between her sisters. Piper wore glasses and braces in high school and was a shy and awkward student often feeling overshadowed by her sisters and classmates. Piper was trained as an accountant and a chef at college. She worked as a bank teller after her college graduation, but was persuaded by Grams to resign. Piper worked as a private caterer and as a chef at a trendy bar/restaurant in downtown San Francisco called "Quake". She seems to be widely considered one of the best chefs in San Francisco. As a new witch, Piper developed the power of molecular immobilization, the ability to slow down the molecules of an object or person to the point of motionless activity, however, if used on a demon of high status the ability only slows down the molecules but does not completely freeze, so they are in slow motion. Her power was at first triggered by fear. She is married to Leo Piper was the most reluctant to embrace her destiny as a Charmed One fearing that it might mean she was evil. Just nearly a week after Prue's death, Piper and Phoebe discover the existence of their baby half-sister, Paige Matthews. With the addition of the youngest Halliwell - last name or not - Piper finds herself taking on the mantle as eldest sister and the most powerful of the Charmed Ones in terms of active power, potion-brewing ability and her ability to strategize. The death of Prue was especially difficult for Piper, and as a result she had difficulty accepting Paige as a sister and a friend. Slowly, the friendship forms and sisterly bonds ensue as the season progresses, allowing the Charmed Ones to grow in power and vanquish the Source of All Evil in three separate incarnations.  Upon fulfilling their destiny of vanquishing the Source, Piper and her sisters are offered the opportunity to give up their magical lives in exchange for normality - no magic, no warlocks, no demons, and even no Elders. They decline the offer, and Piper learns that she is pregnant with her first child. During Season Five, Piper deals with the growing powers of her unborn child, and is diagnosed with toxemia, during her third trimester as a result of the stress of battling demons and warlocks during her pregnancy. Her baby, Wyatt Matthew Halliwell is constantly hunted by demons. Wyatt is a prophesied, twice-blessed child with tremendous magical powers, born on the Wiccan Sabbat. Piper is reluctant to leave her baby to battle demons, but overcomes this fear when a demonic bounty is placed on Wyatt's life. She and Phoebe conduct a mass-vanquishing of demons in the Demonic Market, prompting powerful demons to place a law preventing any demon or warlock from hunting Wyatt. Piper then names her baby after Leo and Paige, both of whom had worked tirelessly to protect him. Evenually, she meets Chris, and after a long while, she finds out that he is actually her son. He appears from the future to aid them in their defeat of the ancient Titans. The Titans were trapped by the Elders in icy catacombs, and when released, destroy nearly all of the Elders, with Leo able to rescue and protect the surviving ones. Chris persuades Leo to transform Piper, Phoebe and Paige into the Goddesses of Earth, Love, and War, respectively, with the aim of giving them enough power to destroy the Titans. While a Goddess, Piper has control over the elements. While Phoebe and Paige struggle to control their power, Piper remains calm and serene. She is, however, angered by Leo's impending ascension to become an Elder. She uses her anger to destroy the Titans. While Phoebe and Paige relinquish their Goddess powers, Piper unleashes her rage onto San Francisco, throwing the city into a huge hurricane. She confronts Leo in the heavens and accuses him of abandoning their family. Leo attempts to heal her pain, but rather traps her pain deep inside of her and causes her to become light-hearted and "chipper". Overall, Piper is shown to be the sister that has made the most change.


Phoebe Halliwell, thirdborn daughter to Patricia "Patty" Halliwell was born in her family manor at 1329 Prescott Street,San Francisco, California on November 2, 1975 meaning she is a Scorpio like her sister Prue. Her parents were to, mother Patricia Halliwell and mortal Victor Bennett. Phoebe was born with the power of premonition. Phoebe was a good student, and once earned an award for student of the month. Unlike her sisters, Piper, Prue and later, Paige, Phoebe is more susceptible to turning evil because she is the only one of the sisters who was born in the Halliwell manor. Six months after her grandmother’s death, having fallen on hard times, Phoebe returned to San Francisco and moved back in with her sisters. Prue was not at all welcoming to Phoebe, because she still believed she ruined her engagement. It was then that Phoebe discovered the Book of Shadows from which she read the incantation that gave them their powers back. The incantation was worded as:

"Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night, the oldest of gods are invoked here, the great work of magic is sought, in this night, and in this hour, I call upon the Ancient Power, Bring your powers to we sisters, three, We want the power, Give us the power."

Phoebe is also noted as the weakest Charmed One by some demons (like the Source) because her powers are the weakest out of the four. Phoebe has the power of premonition, a passive power. She triggers this power when she touches or is in presence of something that has to do with what her premonition is about.This power was initially uncontrollable, but in later seasons if she wanted or pleaded for a premonition, she usually got it. In her high school years she had a rebellious streak. Compared to her sisters Piper and Prue, Phoebe wanted to use magic for fun, and was the first to tragically learn that breaking the rules of personal gain will lead to serious consequences. She was also the one who desired meeting her mother the most, because she could not remember her. Out of all the sisters, Phoebe is seen to be the master of spell-writing. Phoebe authored a spell for vanquishing The Source that used the power of the Halliwell's witch ancestors. She also helped The Seer to put the Hollow back in its crypt. Phoebe desired an active power, and finally her wish came true when she recieved the power of Levetation, to defy gravity and float in the air (but not fly). Evenually Phoebe develops the power of empathy. Being an empath allows her to channel the emotions of those around her Later, the Charmed Ones go on to trial against Barbas the demon. He admits to meditating a plan to trick them out of their powers, but argued that he still had a point – the Charmed Ones are risky with their magic. He turns the bulk of his accusation against Phoebe, who had recently been using potions to force premonitions; an action Paige believed might have led to Inspector Sheridan catching them. The Tribunal reversed their decision to kill their ally Darryl Morris, but they decided Phoebe must suffer the consequences for using her powers for personal gain. She lost her powers of premonitions, levitation, and empathy. This was a "temporary" punishment, and she had the possibility of earning them back if she used her magic correctly. Phoebe earned her power of premonition back again, but her powers of empathy and levitation were much harder to come by. Phoebe soon moved out of the manor. She got her own apartment in the city. Phoebe has a long and confusing relationship with Cole Turner, that took many turns. In the end, thier love wasn't enough to keep them together. She ends up finally finding her one true love Coop "The Cupid". She goes on to have three little girls. Overall, Phoebe is the sister that can "see where everyone else is going, but can't find where she is going herself."


Paige Matthews is the fourthborn daughter of Patricia Halliwell, a good witch who lived in San Francisco. Unlike the first three daughters Patty had with her husband Victor Bennett, Paige was fathered by Patty's protector, a whitelighter named Sam Wilder. Victor had left Patty and their children and never knew of Paige. On August 2, 1977 Patty and Sam left the newborn baby to a nun, Sister Agnes, at a local church, fearing repercussions if the forbidden affair between a witch and a Whitelighter was ever discovered. They left the baby with a blanket and asked that her name start with a P, like all women of her immediate family. In her teen years, Paige was rebellious - staying out all night, partying with friends, skipping classes, talking back to her parents. In this, she shows a strong resemblance to Phoebe, who was also rebellious as a teenager, though Paige did not go as far as shoplifting. When Paige was around fifteen, she and her parents were involved in a car crash. Her parents died, but she unconsciously saved herself by orbing out of the car. Not knowing what happened or how she survived, Paige blamed herself for what had happened and turned her life around in order to make amends. She stopped drinking and started to do well in school. Like Prue, Paige has the power of telekinesis. However, it works differently due to her Whitelighter side: when she calls the name of an object or living being it will orb to her, or she can move it telekinetically. She is the first person ever known in good magic to have this power, as she was the first whitelighter/witch. Her power grew stronger over the years, allowing her to move things without verbally calling like for them. It is also evident that Paige can now orb people and demons to any location by saying the location, for example, she orbed an innocent back to the manor by saying, "Home!". Another orbing advancement through the years came in her ability to orb things away and seemingly making them disappear. Her Whitelighter side allows her to use Whitelighter powers such as orbing, glamouring (changing one's appearance), sensing her charges and sisters,and healing. Due to her Whitelighter and Witch sides she has the most powers. Paige was working as a social work secretary at the time of learning of her true charmed heritage. Paige started her witch training soon after meeting her sisters, as Phoebe and Piper wanted to make sure she was up to speed, both for their sake and hers. She learned potion basics under Piper. Paige helped Piper deliver her nephew Wyatt  Matthew Halliwell, with his middle name being taken from Paige after she went to great lengths to save him from a demonic attack. It was thanks to Paige that the Charmed Ones were resurrected, as she could not ignore the call of her charge, Billie Jenkins. Billie was Paige's first proper charge and they often butted heads, because Paige was learning to be a whitelighter as Billie was learning to be a witch. Realizing that there is not much excitement in her life and that Magic School was about to be closed, Paige decided to dedicate her time to saving it, as well as teaching the students the values and responsibility of magic. In doing that, the Elders had made her the headmistress of Magic School. Overall, Paige is the sister that is best known for her free spirited.

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