The Demons

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The Source

The Source is one the main evils, known to demons as the The Source of All Evil. Although it is thought that he worked for the Triad. He made many attempts to eliminate The Charmed Ones. He has sent demon after demon to kill them. He finally succeded in killing only one sister (Prue). However he didn't know that the Charmed Ones were not completely gone and that they would be reconstituted. The Source has numerous powers, complete information can be found by clicking here.

The Seer

Always attracted to great power, the Seer worked as the Pyshic Advisor to the Source. (She is seen in Season 4 & 5) She has been been around for thousands of years. Along with her power of foresight, she can also send visions to other Seers, Soothsayers, and maybe even mortals. She also has the power of Glistening, which is her form of transportation. She is known to have many secrets, even from the Source. She also had her own personal agenda while working with the Sources. It is shown that she wanted to get Phoebe pregnant by the Source so that she could steal the baby and become the new Source. However, her plans backfired on her and she was killed by the unborn baby inside of her while trying to tap into his full powers. More can be found out about her by clicking here.

The Water Demon

This is the one in the same demon that killed the Charmed Ones mother.This demon kills by drowning its victims from the inside. It is shown to reside at a camp that The Charmed Ones used to go to when they were younger. More can be found about this demon by clicking here.

The Lazarus Demon

The only way to keep this demon vanquished, is to bury his remains after vanquishing him.


The Source's assasin, Shax, is the one in the same demon that killed the Charmed sister Prue and attempted to killed Paige.


The Souce's "right-hand-demon", Beltazar, is the demon that got the closest to the sisters, so much that his alter ego, or human form, Cole fell in love with Phoebe.


Not much is known of Jeremy, other than he dated Piper and attenpted to kill her after discovering that she had recieved her powers.


This is the demon that killed it's victim's with a blast of energy from his eyes. More can be found out about Javna by clicking here.

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